The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub

The Concrete Sustainability Hub is a research center established at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and the Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) Research and Education Foundation.


The Hub was founded in October of 2009 with the mission of accelerating emerging breakthroughs in concrete science and transferring the best available data into engineering practices. It brings together leaders from academia, industry, and government to facilitate the transfer of knowledge by aligning world-leading research with end-user needs.


The concrete and cement industries established The Hub to focus on quantifying and enhancing the sustainable nature of concrete, as the call for an increased emphasis on environmental issues in the building industry grows louder.


Researchers from MIT’s School of Engineering, School of Architecture and Planning, and Sloan School of Management are participating. Initial research is organized around three focus areas: concrete materials science, building technology, and the econometrics of sustainable development.


In addition to the life-cycle assessment reports released to date, the Hub also is conducting "Green Concrete Science,” nanotechnology research aimed at optimizing the sustainability of cement and concrete manufacturing processes.



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